Casa Margarita
Casa Margarita

Casa Margarita’s House of Love is presented in Andalusian tradition with performers sitting in a semicircle and performing either in turn, in duo or in ensemble. Each song or story fits into the larger jigsaw of the story of love in Seville, like tapas, with many delicious little portions, each one more intriguing than the last. It is funny, irreverent, atmospheric, authentic and original.

The songs and music of famed Spanish composers Rodrigo, Granados, de Falla and many more, are shown in an entirely fresh light with new arrangements, surprising percussion, improvisation, folk and classical elements and iconic tales of love narrated in English. A captivating piece, that takes you straight to the exotic, moonlit courtyard of Casa Margarita, an old house in Seville.

Moonlight, the scent of jasmine, the sound of a guitar… then amidst the sudden clatter of castanets, comes the lyrical song of the nightingale.

Our Patron
The legendary Spanish mezzo-soprano, Teresa Berganza, who said of the show, “What you are doing is incredible. You have my support and my blessing.”

La Casa Del Amor
These tales,  songs,  solos and ensemble pieces sparkle  like gems within an overarching tale of love, set in the courtyard of an old house in Seville. Nostalgic, descriptive  and  passionate, this original concert‐show has been created to work  in the ears, eyes and imaginations of the audience both during and beyond the performance.

This intimate show combines the beautiful and hardly known music of Spain with an outpouring of wonderful tales, each one presented as a cameo of love. Funny, sad, witty, clever, heartbreaking and hopeful, this is a musical jigsaw that fits together to create an intriguing experience for the audience.


A fabulous event of story telling and music making, with award wining musicians and virtuosic castanets. The Spanish ensemble Casa Margarita is not to be missed!
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