Funny, sad, witty, heartbreaking … with adventurous performers, exciting percussion and an untraditional approach, this show crosses genres to reach out to fresh audiences in interesting spaces.”
Classical Music Magazine

“A fabulous event of story telling and music making, with award wining musicians and virtuosic castanets. Not to be missed!”
BBC Radio Oxford

What audiences are saying about Casa Margarita’s new show, Margarita and the House of Love:

“We absolutely loved the Seville evening – thank you so much. You are terrific! Sparkling, vibrant, passionate, stunning, witty. And it tells the story so well of the dark and the light of Seville life, the personalities, the twilights. I love the combination of instruments.”

“The inhabitants of Casa Margarita are superb, captivating and enchanting. I absolutely LOVED it. That is my kind of art form. Bravo to all!”

“Totally innovative, I have never seen or heard anything like it.”

“Beautiful evening. Fantastic music and singing blew me away.”

“Margarita, you are magical, magnetic and beautiful.”

“Enchanting from beginning to end.”

“Droll and brilliant! This has to be seen.”

“A musical tour de force.”

“Wonderful again – for the third time!”

”Stellar performances presented with modesty and charm.”

Below Marcos Young presents a special New Year’s Day edition of Global Echoes on BBC Radio Oxford featuring ‘Queen of the Castanets’ Nicola Harrison: